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Going Into The Finals Phil Jackson Has Won 23 Straight Post-Season Series Which Is Not Only An NBA Record..But It Is A Record In All 4 Major Pro Sports..Plus He Has Never Lost A Series If He Wins Game 1..

I Believe That This Series "WILL NOT" Have No-Where The Same Intensity That The Kings Series Was..That Was The Finals As Far As I Am Concerned Because The Kings And Us Had The Two Best Records In NBA..I Think The Nets Will Be "LUCKY" To Win 2 Games This Series..And I Also Believe All Our Wins Will
Be By An Average Of Double Digits.Keep In Mind That We Won That Series With The Kings Having Home Court Where Their Arena Is Hardest To Win In And Now We Have Home Court In Finals..

It Was The Kobe & Shaq Show

...They Combined For 58 Points...

*** Shaq Is Now Avg. 33.8 Points A Game In The Finals Which Is The All Time Leader..

*** In The Four NBA Finals Shaq Has Been In..He Is Avg. 37 Points In The First Quarter Which Is Also An NBA Record...

*** Our Defense Held Them To Only 14 PTS. In The First QTR. Which Is An NBA Record For Fewest PTS. Allowed In Any QTR. Of An NBA Finals Game..

*** At One Point In The First Half We Were Winning By 23 PTS..

*** The Only Time The Nets Led The Game Was When It Was 2-0

Lakers Won 99-94
I Really Got A Kick Out Of What Jason Kidd Said After Game 1 That The Only Way To Stop Shaq Is Too Put Sugar In His Gas Tank That Morning So He Can't Make It To The Game To Play..


We Have To Keep In Mind That We Can't Let Big Leads Get Away From Us..We Were Winning by 23 And Almost Blew It As They Had The Lead Down To 3 Points A Couple Times And Next Time We Might Not Be As Lucky To Hold On For The Win...

Hey You Have To Give Jason Kidd Credit As He Played One Hell Of A Game..His Triple Double Was The First Time In NBA History
Someone Has Done That In His First Ever Finals Game..
And The Triple Double Was The First In Finals Since 1993..

We Were In Cruise Control
From The Opening Tip

*** Shaq Had Another "GREAT" Night Scoring 40 Points..

*** Our Defense Held Jason Kidd Scoreless In First Half..

*** In The First Half Me Made 50% Of Our Shots
And Held Them To Only 33%

*** Can You Believe That Shaq Was 12 Of 14 From The Free Throw Line..

*** At Least This Game We Were 9 Of 16 From 3 Point Range
After Making Only 1 Of 10 In Game 1..

*** In The 3rd Quarter Our Defense Held Them To Only 18 Points..That Now Means That Of The 8 Quarters Played In The Finals Our Defense Held Them Under 20 Points In A Quarter Twice..

*** We Ended The Game With A 12-0 Run And Kobe Topped It Off By Hitting His Last 2 Shots Of The Game And They Were Both 3 Pointers..

*** The Scariest Thing Is That Shaq Is Now Hitting
Most Of His Free Throws..

*** Shaq Is Now Averging 38 Pts. And 14 Rbs. A Game In First 2 Games..

*** Shaq And Kobe Have Now Scored 122 Pts. In First 2 Games..

*** I Believe That There Is "NO-ONE" In The NBA That Can Stop Shaq And Not Even Double Teaming Him Is Helping The Nets..

Lakers Won 106-83

What A Coincidence...
In Game One Our Biggest Lead Was 23 Points
And Guess What... We Won By 23 Tonight